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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK                97

that that is not a choice to be made once for all only;

bat it is a choice that we have to be continually
making every day until the end, because, until we
have set our faces in the right direction so that we
know quite well which way we want to go, little points
will still be constantly arising in connection with
which we shall have to decide this way or that
way, and all through them we have to bear this
steadfastly in mind, we have to keep a constant
watchfulness. You will find that referred to again
and again in this book, because that is what is so
hard, so difficult, the constant watching. He says to
you lower down:

Stop and think whether you really wish it.

Now to stop and think all the time is very wearisome.
It is just that continual life of recollectedness, the
continual repression that that means—never to
forget the thing for a moment—which is so
hard and which tires so many people. Many good
people get tired when they try to do it; the perpet-
ual strain of it is too much for them. It is very
natural, but the people who get tired are the people
who fail to achieve. Therefore, however wearisome,
however, irksome it may be, we must continue the
life of recollectedness ; we must always think before
we speak, think before we act. Yes, it means a life
of constant thought—that one never shall speak
hastily, ne'\ er act hastily. It is very wearisome, I